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Outdoor learning, at home!

We are living unprecedented times. Globally, all of us are facing challenges and setbacks. Ironically, it is also a time when many of us have been given the opportunity to work/study from home. When you have young children and do not have a choice but to be home with them, to keep them busy, learning and having fun while you attend your “grown-up” obligations, it can get frustrating and hard to handle. Keeping a balance in your life may sound cliche, but it has never been more needed than right now!

Here are some tips to get your children engaged in fun activities, learning without even noticing and allowing you to take a step back and just observe. You can finally send that important email or read and finalize an assignment.

Children love to feel helpful and sometimes we underestimate their capacities to do chores and help around the house. So here goes:

  • In your backyard or on your front lawn, place different items that the kids can collect when they go out (rocks, stickers, leafs, even shells), then make them sort their treasures, classify them, and use them to make shapes.

  • Try to make it challenging while teaching the kids new shape names, and verifying they can identify the basic ones (such as circle, triangle or square). For example, a chevron shape, or a kite shape, or star.

  • Ask them to draw a picture on a piece of paper of the shapes they made with the rocks or stickers, and show them how they can trace an outline with chalk.

  • Painting rocks and sticks is fun, inexpensive and keeps children engaged for a long time.

  • Do not forget to ask them to clean up and to keep collecting natural objects when they go out.

  • You can also do this inside with loose things or recycled items such as cardboard, plastic lids, or small containers. They can collect them, sort them and make a project with these materials.

The ability to sort, the feelings of different textures and the engagement when you create and achieve a goal are definitely the elements you need to keep in mind when you try to teach and entertain kids with a purpose.

We have lots of tips and educational ideas of interest. Please keep us in mind and keep reading our blogs.

Written by Patty Lomelli

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